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Yahoo Cricket App Windows Phone | Video Review [ Official ]

Yahoo have finally released their official Yahoo Cricket App for Windows Phone. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that is quite popular in may parts of the world like India, Australia, UK, etc. If you are one of our readers from the US you might not be quite familiar with the sport, it’s something along the lines of baseball but better ( I kid , I kid .. I havn’t played baseball so I am not gonna call it out like that :) ) . Anyhoo back to the app at hand the official Yahoo Cricket App for Windows Phone, as you can imagine it’s an app that gives you cricket related news and stats about players.

When you launch the app you are resented with the scorecard of all the current matches , clicking on it brings up the detailed scorecard with live commentary which can be filtered to show only commentary about boundaries and fall of wickets. Unfortunately you cant click on the players and pull up the author bio and scorecard for that player from this interface. If you jump in to settings you can add your favorite teams and set the auto refresh time intervals.

Yahoo Cricket App Video

I did not find any way to set up notifications via the app, say for example you want push notifications when there is fall of wicket or if someone hits a century or breaks a record, etc. Those features would have made this app much more attractive. There is a very basic live tile that flips and tells you what are the current live matches. You can also read about the latest news in the world of cricket and browse the image gallery and easily share it with your mates with the click of a button . The app also offers a dedicated section for IPL and player stats which gives your their batting and bowling stats.

To sum up the official Yahoo Cricket App for Windows Phone would be a great addition to your windows phone if you are a cricket fan but there is so much room for improvement there and hopefully they push out some of those soon.

Thanks for the Tip GJ Kuz!

Yahoo Cricket App Screenshots

Yahoo Cricket is a FREE app for Windows Phone

Yahoo Cricket XAP Download

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