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Help Santa Be Productive Without Elves In Christmas Factory for Windows Phone

Holiday-based games are great for getting you into the spirit of the season, but are also a fantastic way to relive the experience after it’s long since passed. Christmas Factory from developer Live Aliens is one such game, classified as an Action/Adventure title even though it’s all about the numbers!

The idea of the game is to increase production of gifts as much as possible and as quickly as possible to have them out just in time for Christmas. Along the way, you’ll have to contend with the pesky Scrooge, who will take away your presents as he appears on the screen. Luckily Santa Claus is there to help boost your productivity by excessive margins, so you should still be able to come out on top. It all comes down to speed — the faster your reflexes, the better you’ll do at the game.

Okay, I’ll admit it, Christmas Factory has been on my Windows Phone all year and has been getting some play time periodically, as can be seen in the current high score standings (I’m marked with the green dot):

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Though it’s a very simple game, Christmas Factory is also highly addictive, and it should fit right in with any Kid’s Corner as well.

Presents act as currency in Christmas Factory and can be used to boost productivity, so it’s a good idea to get as many presents as possible as quickly as possible.

There are two main modes of production for you to consider when trying to boost productivity. The first, Fabrication, is the default production method that you start with. Fabrication requires you to tap the large on-screen present as fast as you possibly can to produce more presents. At first, this can give you a bit of an advantage against the Scrooge; he can’t steal as many presents from you. However, you also can’t produce nearly as many presents.

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To boost your productivity in this mode, keep tapping the screen as fast as you can and scroll to the right or left twice periodically to check the Multiplication screen and use your presents to purchase the listed features. Multiplication allows you to enhance the power of your taps, increasing the number of presents that are produced with each tap on the screen. This is essential for quickly building up your presents even further and is a good idea to at least get started before moving to the next mode.

The second mode of production is Automation. As the name implies, this mode allows you to produce presents automatically alongside your Fabrication productivity, giving you lots more presents at any given time. The more Automation enhancements you purchase (there are an unlimited number of these), the faster your automatic production is. On the flip side, though, the faster your automatic production is, the more presents the Scrooge can steal at one time. Still, if you’re quick and tap the Scrooge as soon as he appears on the screen, you won’t have to worry about this too much.

Quickly tapping the floating Scrooge and Santa Claus icons that periodically appear on the screen is essential in getting ahead. The longer the Scrooge is allowed to remain on the screen, the more presents you lose. Meanwhile, the Santa Claus will boost ALL of your productivity eight fold, so you’ll want to tap him quickly so you can have plenty more presents to spend on Multiplication and Automation upgrades.

Another screen you’ll want to pay attention to now and again is the Enumeration screen, which I would recommend be the first screen you visit when you first open the game so you can modify your name for display on the high score list above. This is also the screen where you can access the high score list and purchase multiplier packs with real money to tip the game in your favor. Here is also where you reset your game to try and get faster.

It’s worth noting that the time starts as soon as you open the game, so after you modify your name, reset the game using the button on that screen, then quickly access the Fabrication screen to start tapping. If you need to put the game down, closing the game will automatically save your spot so you won’t have to start over.

The idea of the game isn’t necessarily to try and purchase all of the modifications available, although you can certainly make this a good goal to achieve. The real object of the game is to produce more presents faster than anyone else to get your name on the 100 Million, 1 Billion, and 1 Trillion leaderboards. After you’ve produced more than a trillion presents, it’s up to you whether you want to reset the game and try again to beat the highest score or continue onward and acquire all of the modifications. Just a warning, doing it this way will probably take you until next Christmas; you’ll have to produce a lot of presents.

I do wish there was a higher tiered leaderboard or even a leaderboard that lists the users who purchased ALL of the Multiplication enhancements the fastest, since these take the longest to get. Putting a leaderboard in the game such as this would increase the game’s replay value and keep people playing far beyond the 1 trillion present mark.

Though it does offer the aforementioned in-app purchases, the game itself does not require them in order to be addictive and entertaining. Christmas Factory should prove to be more than ample to keep you frantically tapping your screens well into the holidays and beyond.

Download it for free from the Windows Phone Store using the QR code in this article. Leave your own thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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