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Xbox One SmartGlass on Windows Phone receives a minor update

Today Microsoft pushed out an update to the Xbox One Smartglass beta app on Windows Phone, The changelog doesn’t shed much light on what has changed, but the description shows “Stream TV from the Xbox Digital TV Tuner to Windows Phone and Android devices bug fixes”.

The Stream TV to Windows Phone is not a new feature, this was introduced back in November. I however discovered a few issues using my TV tuner where the app would spontaneously close, or it was difficult to change channel. A cursory glance at the app seems to show it looks exactly the same. I reserve judgement until I have used it more.

I would love it if Microsoft would add Stream TV to SmartGlass even if you are not connected to the same network. It is my only gripe with owning one; you have to be home to watch it! I’m sure that if Twitch can stream Xbox One gameplay to hundreds of watchers, why can’t I stream my TV to my mobile device when I am on a bus?

Pick up Xbox One SmartGlass Beta for Windows Phone by scanning the QR Code.

What do you think about Microsoft’s decision to only allow Stream TV to SmartGlass only work when connected to the same network? A pain? Or a good idea. Let us know in the comments.

Gary Jones

Author: Gary Jones

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