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You Can Now Stream Unlimited Xbox Music Via T-Mobile Music Freedom

Using Xbox Music on the T-Mobile US network? If you’re like me and the answer is “yes,” you’ll be happy to know that the Uncarrier has added Xbox Music to its list of apps on the Music Freedom service.

The addition was announced by T-Mobile this morning.

Music Freedom, for those that may not be aware, is an exclusive offering from T-Mobile US that provides you with the ability to stream as many songs as you want from selected services without even touching your data bucket. Even if you run out of high-speed LTE data, you can still continue to stream music at the high speed.

“Music Freedom is pro-consumer, pro-music and pure Un-carrier,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “And today we’re taking another huge step toward our ultimate goal of including every streaming music service in the program. Anyone can play. No one pays. And everyone wins.”

The addition of Xbox Music brings the number of supported services on the carrier up to 27, including Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.

Author: Josh Robert Nay

Josh Robert Nay is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TruTower and the Editor in Chief of Pocket And PC. He has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003 and specializes in GSM based technology. He also uses (too many) VoIP apps and is a long-time user of BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone. He adores anything having to do with space exploration and writing and is also an aspiring violinist.

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  1. That’s it, I’m switching to T-Mobile lol

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