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WPDeveloper releases What If… on Windows Phone

The guys over at WPDeveloper have just published their latest Windows Phone game “What If…” to the marketplace.

The free game poses ten random “What If…?” questions to you answer, my first question was quite a no-brainer “The next thing you touch turns into solid gold” but there was a catch “The next 50 things you touch after that catch fire” would you do it? I know I would… I would first touch my bed (the biggest thing I own) and the next 50 things after that would be a few packs of cigarette papers. Its not always as simple as it first may seem, you have to think outside the box before answering. My kind of game.

There are over 100 questions currently available, with new questions added to the database daily. After answering a question you are given the opportunity to share the question to social media or via email and sms to any of your contacts.

I did notice a few errors, like the text wasn’t formatted correctly on some questions, or opening the app after completing 10 questions just takes you to question 10, but I have emailed the developer these comments and I am pretty sure they will be addressed in a future update.

The game is fun and it really makes you think What If…?

To give it a try just tap or scan the QR Code.

Gary Jones

Author: Gary Jones

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