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WP7 Speed Enhancement Explained(?)

If we could sum it up in short – GAMES will load faster BUT you may need a stopwatch to actually see that for yourself! Thats what Aaron Woodman, Microsoft’s director of mobile communications business explained in an interview with CNet. We are going to try and decipher this :)

According to him, apps would load faster but not universally – because this update would primarily address HOW memory is loaded and not some overall architectural change that affects the entire world of apps. What this translates to is that memory intensive apps like GAMES (yeah!) would load faster than they were earlier but you may need to bring out that stopwatch for those text driven apps.

In his words

The example I always use is Flixster, which actually loads up really quick today. There is a performance improvement, but you just don’t notice it [because it still needs to grab online data at launch]

Supposedly, all apps would get better but the noticeable difference would be with games and more so with graphics intensive front-loading ones. The best part is that this will not mean that developers will need to do something different and its all “in the OS”

At the end of the day anything that improves gaming experience is going to be very welcome with us :)

Via Mobility Digest

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