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WP7 shows off Copy Paste : How long did Apple take to implement this ?

Copy Paste WP7

Copy Paste WP7

Copy Paste is one of the most highly requested feature on WP7 ( right after custom ringtones as per the data on My WP7 Idea ) and Microsoft was quick to respond , in just a couple of months we have a working demo of Copy Paste in action on a Windows Phone 7 developers device which is running OS version, 7.0.7338, consumer WP7 devices will be on 7.0.7004.0.

Microsoft has confirmed that copy paste will come to WP7 in the early 2011 Windows Phone 7 upgrade and it looks like its well on track to deliver on this promise. While the demo video shows the interface in action plz keep in mind this might be different from the final copy paste that land us on our phones.

Essentially there are two ways to copy text content. In a text message thread for example, you can tap and hold on a message and copy the entire thing. Or if you’re in a Word document or Internet Explorer, tap one word first to select that, then some handle bars will appear at the beginning and end of that word, which you can drag to select a large block of text. Then a tap/hold on that selection will give you a copy option. You can only paste text into text fields. So once you’ve tapped on an editable text field, the keyboard is going to show up, and right above the keyboard in the predictive text bar, there will be a paste button on the left side of that row. If you’re typing and you want to access the past button, you can swipe the suggestions to the right in order to reveal the paste button.

Apple took 2 years to implement copy & paste, they had to do it ” the right way ” .. but there is no denying that that intuitive iPhone style of magnifying the text you’re trying to select looks much better its nice to see the feature almost ready to go on WP7 in a couple of months. via PocketNow

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