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The World Will Finally Bid Adieu to Windows Phone 7.8 on October 14

After nearly two years of availability, Windows Phone 7.8 is about to hit the chopping block, at least as far as support from Microsoft goes. While it planned on ending this support on September 9th, Microsoft has decided (via) to extend this support a few weeks to October 14:

Microsoft will make updates available for the Operating System on your phone, including security updates, for a period of 18 months after the lifecycle start date. Distribution of the updates may be controlled by the mobile operator or the phone manufacturer from which you purchased your phone. Update availability will also vary by country, region, and hardware capabilities.

Many users have fond memories of the Nokia Lumia 710, the Lumia 800 and the Samsung Focus, among others (some of which required ROMs to update), so it’s always sad to see another generation of Windows Phone go up in smoke much like Windows Mobile did not so many years ago.

If you’ve upgraded to Windows Phone 8, do you still have and use your WP7.8 device? For those who haven’t upgraded, what device will be your next? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Josh Robert Nay

Josh Robert Nay is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TruTower and the Editor in Chief of Pocket And PC. He has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003 and specializes in GSM based technology. He also uses (too many) VoIP apps and is a long-time user of BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone. He adores anything having to do with space exploration and writing and is also an aspiring violinist.

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  1. Actually it’s pretty sad for me but I understand why. Why keep wasting resources supporting a dead platform?

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  2. Honestly though did anyone with a 7.8 device really expect any type of update after 7.8

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    • Some people probably did. Maybe a Windows Phone 7.9 by some miracle. I upgraded as soon as 8 came out and got the 920. Also just got an iPhone 6 to fiddle around with (it’s amazing how much Apple has copied from Microsoft in iOS 8 by the way).

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      • Really? What was copied? I have noticed that the horizontal span of the screen that has been available since WP7 has been adopted by other OS’s, but iOS8, what’s new?

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