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WoL Everywhere – Windows Phone app to remote start PC over Lan or Internet

WoL Everywhere

WoL Everywhere

WoL-Everywhere is a Windows Phone app that allows the user to remotely start his or her PC over the Lan or Internet. WoL ( Wake-on-LAN ) is not a new concept, and network experts will not be new to this term. It is an computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or woken up by a network message. This message is usually generated and sent across from another system in the same local area network or LAN. The developer LichtiMC have made this concept to an app for Windows Mobile. The app uses the Sense SDK and was made for the HD2 and looks like an extension of the Sense interface. The app should work on all WVGA devices and required the .net compact framework v3.5 to be installed on your windows phone.

To use this app over LAN, you do not need anything else configured on your nic / BIOS and a connection to your (home-)network with your device (over W-Lan…)

If you want to use it over the Internet you have to do some more things:

  • Configure WoL on your Network Card
    You have to activate WOL on your network-card! If your network-card is a newer one, you can probably set up this option at Device-Manager –> right click on your network-card –> Advanced –> Somewhere at the options there (look for WoL, Magic Packets, Remote start, …)
    At older PC’s I often saw this option in system BIOS…
    Sometimes I had to do both of these things to get WoL working as well…
  • Configure Port-Forwarding on your Router (Directed Broadcast)
    You have to forward a port on your router (e.g. port 7) to your local-network-broadcast-address… (If the IP of the “WoL” – Computer is then the broadcast-address is most likely
  • Set up WoL everywhere with public ip and forwarded board
    Fill in the field IP into my program with the public (outside)- ip of your router (or the DynDNS-Domain-Name) and the forwarded port into port.
  • Start your PC’s
    If you set up everything correctly, you should be able to start your PC’s from wherever you want, and whenever you want…

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