WM 6.5 Titanium Skin for Mobile Shell 3.0.1 – VGA, QVGA, WQVGA

WM6.5 theme for Mobile Shell 3

WM6.5 theme for Mobile Shell 3

mtstmp from xda-developers has released a wonderful looking skin for Mobile Shell 3.0.1 that gives the look and feel of Titanium ( Windows Mobile 6.5 User Interface ).

Portrait Only
Will probably override your custom widgets!
Works on Mobile Shell 3.0 beta 3, not tested with other versions….

If you find this tool useful, please donate to the developer.

Developers Site

via Pocketnow


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  • baghya


  • grisu


  • marty

    this theme is the best looking theme for the spb mobile to me.

  • marty

    nice. very good theme for the spb mobile

  • Amr

    please i need to download and install it on my HTC Touch HD

  • cool mann

    howzz to download??

  • the developer did not want this to be hosted else where, so you need to download it from xda-developers, you need to register there first. Its free.

  • fakhr

    great theme

  • Holocaust

    I downloaded this theme on my WM 6.1 HTC HD by mistake and now can't seem to get it out. I deleted the file from file explorer, however, it still appears under “Remove Programmes” and when i try to remove from there, the phone hangs. Pls help…