New Windows Phone 8.1.1 Update Rolls Out to Devices, Provides "Bunch" of Improvements | Pocket And PC
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New Windows Phone 8.1.1 Update Rolls Out to Devices, Provides “Bunch” of Improvements

Both HTC devices — including the Windows Phone 8X and 8S — as well as Nokia Lumia devices are getting a new Windows Phone Developer Preview update as promised earlier in the week, and Microsoft says it adds a “bunch” of improvements as well as bug fixes.

Microsoft posted regarding the update:

“Build 8.10.14176 starts rolling today to developer preview participants, and provides a bunch of performance improvements and general fixes. One of the important fixes addresses an issue some folks were seeing during the update process – the 80188308 error – which resulted from running out of storage space in the system partition during update. We expect this fix to solve the update issue for most users.”

If you have a Nokia Lumia device and are still running into this error with the latest update, you can use the Nokia Software Recovery tool to reset your device. If you are on a phone with lower storage capacity, you may also see an out of storage error that is different than the one above. You’ll want to make room on your device by using Storage Sense or uninstalling apps you no longer need.

For those waiting on Lumia Cyan, Microsoft says that they are “targeting a whole lot more” Lumia devices starting today and will “continue to add more Lumia devices every couple of days over the coming weeks” until everyone is fully updated.

Have you downloaded the update yet? Let the Windows community know how it works for you in the comments!

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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