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Windows Phone 7 Apps : Fantasia Painter : a fantastic free painting app for WP7



Fantasia Painter 1.9 looks like a great free painting app for Windows Phone 7. The developer has just informed us Fantasia Painter 1.9, has been released with 20 new effects, distortion tools and “alive” brushes. Unlike other painting tools Fantasia has 12 unique brushes (e.g. Fur, Rainbow or Makeup) that adapt to your painting style, speed, direction and nearby colors to make even simple strokes look professional. Powerful effects, like Mold, help you enlarge muscles, change face, body shape, and more. All effects can be “painted” to part of image, so you can create works of art that are uniquely your own. Full Press release below

Fantasia combines multiple effects into one to save you time. For example, Bright/Contr/Sat/Expo is a single effect and is typically equivalent to three effects in other tools. Other effects, like Lifelike Colors are composed of several image enhancement steps. I looked at top Photoshop image enhancement tutorials online, got the best of them and put it in the “Lifelike Colors” effect. Instead of spending several minutes in a desktop tool, tap Lifelike Colors and see what happens. With Fantasia Painter you can spend less time wondering “how do I paint this?” and more time expressing yourself and having fun.

Eye color/shadow/makeup
Fur and Furball – Paint cute furry animals, furry flowers or add fur to photos.
Sketch – Create pencil sketches, with far less strokes compared to real pencil
Fairy lights – “alive” abstract brush
Rainbow – Beautiful organic color transitions add life to your paintings.
Twisted Squares, Paint, Dirty Paint, Pen, Eraser

Colorize – change to grayscale; brush back color with your finger.
Dark Dream – a gloomy feel; brush on and off to add subtle and powerful changes
Mold – change smiles, thin/fatten waists, make curved flowers, and much more
Shadow and Light Film – add subtle shades and light
Text: 500+ symbols, captions, comic/speech bubbles
Lifelike Colors – combines steps from online tutorials to improve most photos. Tap Invert for before/after view.
Recolor, Soft light, Blur, Gentle Painter, more

Paint with one finger. Zoom/pan with two fingers.
Paintings saved with phone wallpaper size.

Review the sample v1.9 videos here:
“Dark Acolyte” using the power of Mold to create a gloomy and disturbing mood in a picture
“Eye Color, Shape, and Makeup in 60 seconds”:
“Effects, Drawing and Photo Editing Demo”:

Fantasia Painter Video

Fantasia Painter is a FREE app for Windows Phone 7. There is a paid and Free version available and the full version is available for $0.99. The free version is full-featured, but will show ads. You can buy the full version at any time to remove the ads.

UPDATE (10/11/2014):
FANTASIA PAINTER is no longer available for WINDOWS PHONE 7. Find the WINDOWS PHONE 8 and 8.1 version here.

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