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Win a Windows Phone 7 Icon Pack

WP7 Icons

WP7 Icons

Icons are an integral part of an app on Windows Phone 7. Most of the time developers will be busy optimizing the app and at times a lot of effort does not go in the design of icons, so wouldn’t it be nice if they can just use a bunch of ready to use professional looking icons for theirs apps ? Billy Barker is offering such a service .

Billy is offering 350 Icons for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 and there are said to be perfectly sized to fit iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices.

  1. Windows Phone 7 Application Icons come in a standard 48px size and only come in white.
  2. iOS Toolbar Icons work on both standard and high resolution devices (2x retina display) and include white, black, and gray color choices.
  3. Android Menu / Tab Bar Icons come in 3 different sizes to fit low, medium, and high resolution screens and include white, black, and gray color choices.

WP7 App Icon Pack

WP7 App Icon Pack

You can get all 350 icons for $20 via the designers site, but we have 5 copies of the icon pack to give away. So if you are a hobby developer and would like to use this icons in your brand new WP7 App here is what you have to do.

Retweet this message ( just copy paste the following in Twitter )
Win a Windows Phone 7 Icon Pack #WP7 #wp7dev @billybarker @1800PocketPC

The first person to retweet it gets a copy then we choose 4 lucky retweets and each of those tweeters gets a copy. You guys have time till Monday 22 November 11:59 to retweet it. Once we pick the winners we will DM ( Direct message you via twitter, if you dont follow us we can not DM you ) , if we cant DM you we will pick another winner. Once the winner is selected they have to send us their email id that we have to pass on to Billy Barker, who will send you the Icon Pack.

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