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Warspear Online updated with new guilds skills and reduced leveling requirements

Warspear Online is a free-to-play 2D fantasy MMORPG for mobile and desktop devices. More than five Million players all over the world have chosen to be part of it. The Best Apps Ever Awards bestowed it the best MMO game accolade.

You can select from 4 different races and 12 class types to participate in over 1000 story-lines and daily quests.
There are PVP battles, a craft system, instances, guilds and an in-game chat lobby where you can meet and make new friends.

Each Alliance has three camps with banners. The main goal is to protect your own banners and destroy banners of your rivals. There are no leaders in this battles, but every player can be in charge. You have to allocate your forces, lead army of allies through enemy’s lands, avoid meeting opposite army, or defeat it on it’s crusade and plan the attack on the banner! If you did everything right – success is guaranteed.

Big changes were made in Guilds. The developers added two new guild levels, new passive and active skills, increased limit of members and reduced required number of resources for Guild leveling up by 30%.

AIRGIND released the highly anticipated update to Warspear Online bringing it to version 4.7, where players will be able to join mass PvP-battles for the territories of opposite alliance. Its a new page in the history of epic War for the Spear between Sentinels and Legion in Warspear Online universe. Now every player can perform his personal fighting skills and abilities in team work.

To update Warspear Online to version 4.7 on Windows Phone just tap or scan the QR Code. For Windows and other supported OS’s click here.

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