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Warspear Online 4.3: Dungeons for Beginners, New Skills Make Their Debut

If you’re looking for an MMORPG game with a lot of depth, look no further than Warspear Online, which is compatible with Windows, Windows Phone and even Windows Mobile.

Developer AIGRIND has just informed 1800Pocket/PC of its newly released version 4.3 of the popular MMORPG game, which provides players with new skills, items for character customization and interface improvements, but also twenty new dedicated dungeons that are primarily aimed at lower-level players. This allows beginners to the game to become more experienced without getting frustrated by the difficulty.

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Still, even with these new modifications, challenges are still present even on the beginner islands and the developer promises “amazing rewards” for completing the challenges.

The newly-added dungeons are packed with useful supplies, minions, valuable craft components, unique weapons, equipment and more.

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If you’re looking for a little backstory, in the world of Warspear Online, two powerful alliances are fighting against one another; each alliance consists of two groups — Firstborn and Chosen vs Mountain Clans and Forsaken. You’ll be able to choose between 12 classes with unique skillsets: Blade Dancer, Ranger, Druid; Paladin, Priest, Mage; Barbarian, Rogue, Shaman; Warlock, Necromancer and Death Knight.

Players begin their journey on isolated islands, where they perform tasks and learn the basics of the game. After this start they then move to new locations with PvP battles and a host of serious challenges to be encountered.

Warspear Online, MMORPG, Online Role Playing game

Each game class now has a new expert skill that becomes available for in-game characters starting from level 18. This is the fourth extra combat skill added to the game during recent updates, however players can only fully develop one of them. The possibility of choosing skills that are more suitable for a particular gaming style, adds more diversity to gameplay and makes characters far more unique.

Warspear Online gets regular updates, so you don’t have to worry about the game being abandoned. You can download the new Warspear Online using the QR code or get the Windows desktop (and other platforms) version here.

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