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Very Dice: A roll of the dice reaps a variety of rewards

Very Dice is a basic dice game in which rolls are earned by watching ads, a daily spin, surveys, activities(like signing up for various programs) and buying them outright. The rolls grant tickets which can then be exchanged for a variety of items via a searchable market, which has a wide variety of random items that can be purchased from Amazon, which are all new and shipped free. It is my favorite way to earn free items.

Ease of use: 4/5

Earning rolls couldn’t be simpler. On the main screen there is a 24 hour countdown to your daily spin—4-10 rolls that are just given to you! On the bottom left is an action feed where you can watch videos, perform surveys or purchase rolls. Rolling dice is also very simple—just tap on the main screen When it comes to redeeming your tickets, you can search for items in the market

The search system is a bit tricky and the only reason I don’t give ease of use a 5/5. Finding exactly what you want isn’t as easy as I’d like. For example if you search Kingdom Hearts, you may not show all the Kingdom Hearts games that are available at the moment via the market, but search for a specific title in the series and you may find it or another. Hunting for the items ends often in success though and I’ve found unexpected items.

Fairness/Cost: 5/5

The dice are fair. One of the highlights of the dice is getting a ‘doubles jackpot’ which means getting a pair of all 6 numbers within a 24 hour period. Doing so grants you a bonus 300 tickets—pretty sweet deal. With average luck this takes just shy of 100 rolls, and after having 89 jackpots myself I’m confident in saying the odds are comparable to real dice odds—something that I cannot say of a similar app called Lucky Dice where I burned over 200 rolls and was only halfway to a doubles jackpot. The odds of that assuming the dice were fair are astronomical—therefore I could only conclude Lucky dice’s dice were programmed unfairly. I have never had such a problem with Very Dice.

The cost is free, with plenty of ways to earn rolls easily. Purchasing rolls is fairly expensive though, and not recommended. Nevertheless it is fair and does not effect my rating.

The rewards are reasonably priced as well, though over time prices have increased some. All the items I’ve gotten have been very close to the 1,000=$1 ratio if I purchased the item new on amazon—sometimes considerably better. Gift cards are also available, at a slightly higher price.

The mini game for landing doubles (basketball) is also very fair, and if you’re a veteran gamer(even casual) you should be able to earn a few extra tickets than if you just accept the flat reward(double the amount rolled, so if you roll double 6s you can get 24, or if you choose to play basketball 12 plus the number of baskets you can make in the time limit. I usually get 14-15, but I’ve gotten as high as 20 of the double 6s—nice boost to get 32 tickets instead of 24).

Time Consumption: 5/5

This is where Very Dice really shines. The opportunity to earn rolls is often available but you also don’t feel pressured to spend copious amounts of time just to ‘keep up’. Currently six ads are available at any time, and once used have a 1 hour cool down period—this changes from time to time. After that you’re free to view more ads whenever you’re available and once again reset the 1 hour cooldown.

As the ads are relatively short(typically 30 seconds, some less, some more) 2 minutes an hour if you really want to maximize your rewards is more than reasonable, and you also don’t miss out hugely if you do far less. If you run the 4 ads say in the morning, at lunch and before bed, combined with an average of 5 rolls from your daily spin of 1-10(this too I’ve found to be very fair, I’ve actually gotten an average probably closer to 6 in the 10 months I’ve used it) that’s over 20 rolls a day, with less than 10 minutes of time invested.

If you want to put in more time, surveys can provide a great amount of rolls too. Poll fish surveys in particular have a high reward/low time investment. Usually labeled as 4 minute or less with anywhere from 9-15 rolls offered, and the survey times are high if you’re familiar with using them you can finish quicker.

Rolling can take no active time at all if you choose to use the auto roll feature. The downside to the auto roll feature is you can’t play the basketball mini game, but the trade-off in time can be worth it. Personally I enjoy the basketball game, so I play it whenever I can. When I do, it takes 15-20 minutes or so to get a doubles jackpot.

Before attempting to go for a doubles jackpot I recommend reaching at least 150 roll for security in case you have a bad streak of luck. I’ve averaged less than a hundred rolls to hit my jackpots though I currently keep a reserve of about 200 rolls just in case.

Recently raffles have been offered, for which you can watch ads for limited entries and buy more with tickets. I don’t recommend it though, as it shows you what # of ticket won, and especially as time has gone on no one wins a raffle without pouring in lots of raffle tickets. The rewards are nice, but with only one winner a lot of people waste thousands of tickets and get nothing in return—with so many awesome rewards available gambling on a big prize you almost certainly won’t win isn’t worth the risk.

Overall you are in control of the time you spend on this app, and whatever time you spend is well-rewarded.

Rewards: 5/5

Rewards are plentiful, arrive quickly and have never disappointed. Every 100 rolls used will net you around 1k tickets and with plenty of worthwhile items 20k or less the rewards add up quickly. In the 18 months I’ve had the app I have made 12 redemptions and am well on the way of another—even with doing the bare minimum for several months. Between all the items I’ve gotten, which have arrived in less than a week in new condition as promised in each case, I’ve gotten over $150 worth of varied merchandise, including DVDs, blurays, board games, a book and video games. This is far and above what I’ve gotten from any other app, especially for the time investment.

Overall 19/20

Almost perfect. Who doesn’t like free items delivered to their door with a minimal investment of spare time? If you’re interested at all, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. You can thank me when your first item arrives. Or thank me now by using my friend code below.

Friend code:2620631

Get the app on google play here:

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Author: Varon Laub

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