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[ version 1.5 ] Windows Phone 7 Suite for ThrottleLauncher



Fireslave (a.k.a arly12 ) from xda-dev have just released the updated version of the amazing windows phone 7 theme for ThrottleLauncher 1.0.x.

– Compatible for all resolutions!!
– Scrollable home page
– Animated real contacts on homepage
– Animated pictures tile with differents thumbs from selected folder
– Animated Me tile
– You can choose your own photo for the animation
– Animated contacts name for People page
– People page
– Games page
– Music Page
– Pictures page
– You can choose a xbox live Avatar
– Six colors for the tiles(Blue,Orange,Red,Green,DarkBlue,Yellow)
– You can use original wm taskbar
– Original Windows Phone 7 footer
– Battery indicator(Thxs to HDOwner for the graphics)
– Little clock
– You can add your favorites apps on home page

What is new in version 1.5

– Rewrote theme to make easier the way to include custom Hubs (Tutorial soon)
– Implemented Segoe Light fonts(Copy Segoe Light.ttf to “/Windows/Fonts/”)
– Added “Calendar” Hub
– Added a simple “Weather” Hub with GoogleWeather
– Added “Favorite Contact” Hub
– Added “Settings shortcut to the programs page
– Added search function for the magnifying key
– Added “Music page” with support for Nitrogen 1.1 and S2P,Now you can see the cover on “Music” Hub (Thanks to Ryomahino)
– Added “Pictures page” (Thanks to APBilbo)
– On “Games page”, changed the Xbox games cover.(Thanks to lesscro)
– Fixed problem with the battery indicator.
– Cleaned all code

windows mobile software : Windows Phone 7 Skin

1) You will need ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1 or higher, download and install that
2.) Download the ZIP file given below and move the extracted WindowsPhone7 directory on your phone to Program FilesThrottleLauncherSetups
3.) Go to Start menu and start ThrottleConfig. Select Windows7 in Themes.
4.) Go to Start menu and start Throttle Launcher
Thanks to extrapurifier for write the install guide

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