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Universal Plex app for Windows Updated

Plex is a popular media streaming app for users available on both Windows and Windows Phone. The app has received a new update that mostly focuses on bug fixes and couple of minor feature updates.

Version Notes


  • NEW – (Music) Plex Mix
  • (Music) Support multi-disc albums better
  • (Video) Updated HTTP Live Streaming stack


  • (Video) Better handle situations where no servers are available to transcode, but are able to remux
  • (Photo) Fix initial zoom level to fit screen
  • (Win) Not all libraries may be shown in home page
  • (Win) Reverting from semantic zoom doesn’t work in Windows 10
  • (Music) Display actual artist from Various Artists albums
  • (Music) Fix incorrect skip back interval
  • (Video) Starting movie playback with subtitles set to None results in not correctly changing subtitles later on
  • (OnePass) Only prompt for activation once per app run
  • (Camera Upload) Fix cancel button not working correctly when creating library
  • (Single Server) Detect and notify if the selected server is unavailable
  • (UI) Minor UI improvements
  • A number of user-reported crashes



  • (WP) Fix bug where the app was unusable without internet connection due to 404 HTTP errors
  • (UI) Fix selection in Camera Upload comboboxes
  • (Camera Upload) Fix upload for library/album names containing leading/trailing spaces
  • Mark remote servers as unavailable when entering airplane mode
  • A number of user-reported crashes

While most of the features in the app are free some features may require a paid Plex Pass subscription.

Get the app from the link below

Developer: ‪Plex‬
Price: unknown

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