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Twins Mini-Game update review

Twins Mini-game from Game Troopers was updated recently.

The colors are basic and an ability to change them would make the game more appealing. Similar games have been made but this one is unique in that the ball bounces on both sides and even 2 balls at the same time. It was cool when the two balls became one, when there was a gap between the vertical platforms.

The score is determined by how many seconds you can play without landing or hitting the spikes. It was a real challenge to do the two balls at the same time.

If players could have more design options it would be more fun to try and get those achievements. Game Troopers’ update did include more logical achievements. But if they updated their score system, they could have the players earn enough collected points to be able to change the design, color of the balls, color of the background on the two sides, the little dots that they collect could be more colorful and or different in their design. Also, the little dots that you collect as you go throughout the game could be part of the score system to gain more points or bonus points.

Overall it is a wonderful, fun game that is a challenge to play and we as players are eager for new updates.

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