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Transfer Contacts from old Android / iPhone / Blackberry / Symbian to Nokia Windows Phone

Another great app exclusive to Nokia “Contact Transfer” is most likely going to offer the easiest way for you to import all of your existing contacts from your old mobile phone ( Android / iPhone / Blackberry / Symbian or any other device with bluetooth ) to your new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. The app comes pre installed on your Nokia Lumia devices ( its also available in the Nokia Section in the marketplace ).

Contact Transfer Video

  • The application is super simple to use , enable bluetooth on both your device. ( make sure they are discoverable )
  • Fire up the Contact Transfer on your Nokia Lumia device… it should say it’s preparing to do its thing , click on continue.
  • Wait for the other phone to be discovered on your Lumia ( it should say the Name of the Other device once it’s discovered ) and click on it.
  • Now depending on your device you might have to enter a passcode on both device ( just make one up and enter it on both devices ) or just make sure the same code is displayed on both device and click on ok.
  • Now the app should tell you how many contacts it can fetch from your old phone, click on continue and wait for it to complete importing the contacts.
  • That is it , now your Lumia should have the contacts from your old phone

There are a few limitations for this , it will not pull the extra fields like email, birthdays , profile picture , etc .. It will just get the name and numbers.

Contact Transfer Screenshots

Contact Transfer is a FREE app for Nokia Windows Phone devices

Contact Transfer XAP Download
Click here or the logo of the app below.. you can even scan the barcode near the logo using bing vision and launch the app directly on your Windows Phone.

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