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Make a Choice!! question game now available on Windows 10 Mobile

Over the weekend, a new game called Make a Choice!! launched in the Microsoft app store from WP-Developer, who brought you apps and games such as Funny Poll and Uplift.

Make a Choice!! is a question game where you either answer “This” or “That” to casual, personal, challenging and crazy questions. It’s similar to card games like “Would You Rather…?” so if you’re a fan of that game, you’ll probably find something to love in Make a Choice!!

Once you’ve chosen your answer, you’ll be able to see how other players answered. It’s a fun game to bring out at a party with either a small or large number of people.

Some select questions that you might be asked in the game include:

  • Have legs as long as your fingers OR Have fingers as long as your legs?
  • Get caught singing the song “I am beautiful” to the mirror OR Get caught dancing to the song “I like big butts” (Editor’s note: The song is actually Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back”)

New questions are added every day and you can share questions with your friends and see what they answer. You’re also able to create your own questions if you get bored with those that are built in.

Download Make a Choice!! via the QR code and download link below.

Make a Choice !!
Make a Choice !!
Developer: ‪WP-Developer‬
Price: Free
Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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