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The Wall Street Journal officially arrives for Windows 10

We covered some of the universal news apps available on Windows 10 just a few days back and another big one to come to the store is The Wall Street Journal. The app works across the desktop and mobile and we took both versions out for a spin. The app is beautiful and minimal although the login box  that appears looks very much out of place. A point to note is that this is a paid publication and very few of the articles can be read for free. The remaining are behind a paywall and you will recognise them by the greyed out key shaped icon appearing next to the article title. Since we don’t have a subscription we tried accessing some of the free articles. The articles are beautifully presented and are joy to read on both platforms. Overall the app dosen’t have much beyond this in terms of personalisation or any other advanced features. Performance on the mobile version could do with a little improvement. Overall it’s great to see the major news publications embrace the Windows universal platform.

From the store description:

The new WSJ app is an immersive digital news experience modeled after the iconic Wall Street Journal newspaper. It brings you the latest news, as well as expert commentary and analysis from around the world, with enhanced features and visual storytelling that bring the Journal to life. And it’s all delivered through a cleaner, simpler interface so you can find the news you need, anywhere you need it.

Key Features:

  • A stunning visual experience with rich photo slideshows, full-screen video and interactive graphics
  • Optimized performance that delivers faster load times and improved stability
  • Streamlined navigation consistent with the structure of the paper, while offering quick access to breaking news and analysis.
  • Multiple ways to read including the digital versions of our U.S., Europe and Asia print editions as well as the latest news from WSJ

Get the app from the link below

The Wall Street Journal.
The Wall Street Journal.
Developer: ‪Dow Jones and Company Inc.‬
Price: unknown


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