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TapTap Fruits From Okami Games Has Been Re-Released on Windows Phone

TapTap Fruits is a simple game for children that is meant to help develop observation abilities and also helps kids hone their reflexes. During the game, the child can also improve his or her reading abilities.

The objective of the game is to say whether the name of a fruit displayed on the screen matches a picture of a type of fruit that’s moving across the screen. The child must then attempt to beat his or her high score. TapTap Fruits comes with two difficulty modes: classic and hardcore.

Adriana Jankowska, the Sales and Marketing Manager for Okami Games, informed 1800Pocket/PC of the re-release just moments ago, saying that Okami Games is “honoured to announce the re-release of our game for Android and Windows Phone platforms.”

It’s a simple game that’s clearly meant for young audiences (have that Windows Phone Kid’s Corner ready!), and so comes as no surprise that adults will probably not find any desire in playing it. Still, it’s worth a look if you’re wanting to give your children more games to play on Windows Phone.

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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