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SwyxWare now compatible with Windows 10

If you’re outside the U.S. and you’ve been looking for a way to connect to Skype for Business on Windows 10, you might find SwyxWare’s latest release to be a possible option.

Dortmund-based Unified Communications manufacturer Swyx Solutions AG has released the new ‘Swyx Connector for Skype’, available in the latest release of SwyxWare 2015 R3. All SwyxWare users who rely on Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) or Office 365 for messaging and collaboration, can now take advantage of Swyx’s enterprise telephony functions using Swyx Connector for Skype.

The Swyx Connector for Skype offers access to a wide range of voice telephony features easily and conveniently via Swyx and/or SIP phones using a common UC interface. It also eliminates the need to switch between two different clients.

The direct dialling out of Skype for Business, the synchronisation of presence information with SwyxWare and the access to the Skype Directory, are some of the key features included in the new client. Also available in the Connector for Skype is choice of hot-keys, call handling (select, call transfer, hold, routing / forwarding, CLIR, call-waiting setting) and retrieval of voice mail.

“With the Swyx Connector for Skype, we have created the framework for a consistent user experience of Skype and Swyx applications for on-going improvement of business processes. The easy installation with Swyx for collaboration and telephony and also the support for additional functions such as fax or DECT, especially for the German market, all make the Swyx Connector for Skype attractive in an enterprise environment.” explains Kai Froese, Director of Product Management at Swyx.

Additional enhancements to SwyxWare include support for the new Windows 10 platform and support for additional third-party applications.

Swyx also has offices in the UK and France and sells software solutions in six different languages. The company also offers a range of phones and other hardware devices. 500,000 users in Europe utilize Swyx, 10 percent of which use a cloud-based solution. The company currently employs 120 people.

SwyxWare 2015 R3 is available for download now via the Swyx website at www.swyx.com.

A version of this article was previously published on TruTower as Telephony functions via Swyx now available for Skype for Business

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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