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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes—A Galaxy of fun awaits

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) is EAs and Capitol Gaming’s Gacha RPG. Started over 4 years ago it maintains a strong fanbase—far stronger than most mobile games of similar age. In fact most mobile games don’t make it nearly this long, well-alone are still going strong. Given the plethora of Star Wars lore, it has plenty of legs to carry it forward for years to come. If you’re looking for a mobile game that has a solid selection of play modes, enough collectible toons to keep collecting for years, built on the strength of a beloved franchise look no further than SWGOH.
The premise is simple and allows you to explore the entire library of Star Wars history in one place. You enter a cantina and are greeted by a Hutt. Here are the ‘holotables’ where holographic heroes and villains throughout the galaxy can battle for supremacy. Players being with a generic Jedi, clone trooper, a clone wars era Chewie, a dual-blade wielding night sister among others but your teams can be customized quickly.
A variety of modes open up to the player quickly, allowing access to obtain new ‘toons’ from all eras of Star Wars, from the Old Republic to Rise of Skywalker, and the material to upgrade them. From daily challenges, a rotating series of events, guild wars, territory battles that recreate epic battles like the one on Hoth, eventually 3 different modes of individual PVP, and 3 kinds of raid bosses for your guild of up to 50 players to tackle each with 7 tiers of difficulty there’s always something to do.
The core gameplay is building a team of up to five toons, including a leader and a sixth ally to face off in a series of encounters—skirmishes against increasingly stronger waves of enemies. Each toon has a basic ability and two to three special abilities with varying cooldown lengths. Many also have unique and leader abilities which provide added boosts to your teams. The combination of skills is nearly endless, providing many viable teams and unique skill sets.
The Gacha portion of the game is a bit different from most games. It revolves around data cards which you can purchase with ally points and rarer crystals. The basic one provides mostly gear and credits and a low chance at single shards and a very low chance of full characters Don’t hold your breath, as I’ve gotten only one common character in nearly two years. Single shards are fairly common though.
Based on a recommendation from a friend, I’ve never tried the crystal based ones. Instead crystals are best used to get energy.  This allows you to get more gear and credits, while working towards shards of  your choice. They say the odds  of getting a shard are 1 in 5, which seems about right. The cost of getting a ‘guaranteed’ but random character seems really steep when you can buy energy and choose which character to work towards. Nothing would be worse than wasting a month of hard earned crystals to end up with a 1 star character(equivalent to 10 shards whereas a full maxed hero is 330 shards) one you could already have. There is 0 chance of pulling the rarest heroes, as those require events or other heroes to earn.
Overall there’s enough content to keep anyone collecting Star Wars characters for years. Even those playing since the beginning have perhaps unlocked all the heroes, but are far from maxing them all, and the latest Territory Battle even the best guilds have yet to master. With major releases of Rise of Skywalker toons on the horizon, the clone wars continuing, and the Mandalorian chock full of potential characters content won’t be a problem.
If you love Starwars then you will love this game. See you at the holotables!

Author: Varon Laub

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