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SRS WOW HD 1.21 – Audio Enhancement Plugin



SRS WOW HD 1.21 is an amazing Audio Enhancement Plugin.
Don’t try to install in WM2003/SE

Source :


From the developers Website ( may be they have a new version )
cab file SRS WOW HD 1.21

Reboot after installation


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  1. hi ,
    Thanks fo the software…
    however when i installed it on my ASUS p750 phone,
    there is no sound on my phone….even after restarting the device.
    I had to uninstall the software and restart my phone then only sound came back on my device…..
    Is ther any seting i am supposed to do , or some registry changes???

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  2. Thanks , after seeing in ,

    by doing this its started thanks…..

    “in order to make this wonderfull software work on every ppc you first need to check what is in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Drivers \ BuiltIn \ WaveDev] “DLL” and after install replace [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Drivers \ BuiltIn \ WaveDev] “Old driver” with what was in “DLL” before install

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  3. plz can nyone tell how to get this software started on HTC DIAMOND????

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