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Spider-Man Unlimited Spider-Verse Update Now Available

A couple of days ago, Gameloft told 1800PPC about an upcoming update to Spider Man Unlimited and that very update has just launched in the Windows Phone Store.

The new update takes the game in a whole new direction and introduces some new features that bring gaming and comics closer together.

The full changelog includes:

  • Enter MORLUN and KARN. Rival brothers, vampiric immortals, unimaginably powerful. Survive their “Great Hunt” before they devour every Spider-Man ever!
  • 8 new Spiders, including ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, SILK, and for the first time ever: SPIDER-UK!
  • Experience the Spider-Verse comics, including story tie-ins, characters, and villains, through new NARRATIVE EVENTS! Featuring new events daily, with progressing storylines!
  • Party like it’s 2099! Run through dimensions, and experience the futuristic 2099 NEW YORK environment!
  • Snowy NYC environment, for a limited time only!
  • Face off against HYDRO-MAN in special Winter Holiday Events and collect Spidey presents!
    New Rewards! Win automatic Rank Up cards, Slots, Consumables and Legendary Spider-Men in events!
    Coming soon: Vote for the next-released Spider-Man from Spider-Verse! (But we’re not telling you who… yet!)

Be sure to check out our overview of the update here. Download the new update via the QR code above.

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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