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WP7 Root Tools : a File Explorer, Registry Editor and Root Access on Windows Phone

WP7 Root Tools from Heathcliff74 is one app most Homebrew App users on Windows Phone will be familiar with. We have seen the app from its initial release and it has slowly grown to include a lot more features. You will need to be Interop Unlocked to use WP7 Root Tools on your phone ( which is currently at version 0.9 ) and it will give you true Root Access to devices with stock ROM !!!

WP7 Root Tools version 0.9 now add Certificate Installer and a Policy Editor along with File Explorer, Registry Editor and it will also support a lot more devices too
– Samsung first and second generation devices
– LG devices
– HTC first generation devices with Mango v1 drivers (SPL 4.x or lower)
– Samsung first generation devices with custom ROM and Full Unlock
– HTC first generation devices with custom ROM and Full Unlock

With the new Policy Editor you can give other homebrew apps a “trusted” status which will give that app Root Access privileges be careful as to what apps you give this status to coz app devs ( the evil ones ) could potentially misuse it. The app also now has an SDK, which developers can use to profit from Root Access. It provides a way to gain access to the filesystem and the registry from their managed Silverlight application withoput the need to worry about COM interop and C++ anymore.

Word of warning from the developer

This is still an alpha-release, because there are a lot of new hacks and the tools are still not feature complete! I have rewritten about 75% of all code from the previous release. So before you install WP7 Root Tools you should make a backup of your device. WP7 Root Tools will make changes to system settings and, although this has been tested, it is still possible that a problem occurs. In that case you want to have a recent backup of your device. Installing WP7 Root Tools will be your own responsibility. The author of WP7 Root Tools and the SDK cannot be held responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by installing and using WP7 Root Tools or the SDK!

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

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