Razer Project Christine
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Razer develops simple PC solutions

There remains one problem many people nowadays still experience, and that is how many computer users do not know exactly how to customize their computer for their own uses. That problem now has a solution in the making. Presenting Project Christine by Razer. This computer, currently in the research and development stage, will revolutionize PC customization with its fully modular design. For example if you want to have your computer run faster, replace your processing module with one of a higher grade. Then there is the most consumer focused advancement seen in a long time.

The control module is one piece of this project that is solely focused on the consumer itself. This module will tell you when there is an issue and where it is, should one arise. Now Razer, a company focused on the gaming side of computers, is branching out into the market of the average consumer. Providing on the spot maintenance information is a huge leap in technology that has not been available before. Then you look at the technology of this product and you see that each module is liquid cooled so no problems with dust or jammed fans. This also allows the computer itself to be cool to the touch at all times, rather than blowing hot air out. Also each module contains noise cancellation technology allowing this PC to be whisper quiet.

Now you may be asking, why isn’t this out yet? Razer themselves have answered this question in multiple interviews. The CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan said that delays to this product are solely based off of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) indecision on supporting Project Christine. He said “All they ask about is, ‘How much money can I make out of this?’ They’re not interested in innovation at all”. Even with this sizable setback Min-Liang Tan claims that Project Christine is still “A-Go”, though have not given an official release date.

Author: John Tilden

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