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[ Proof of Concept ] Tell your Windows Phone to play any song on your PC

Does keyboardp ring a bell ? It should if you loved the transparent wallpapers on Pre-Mango devices.. and no this is not about transparent wallpapers on Mango devices but a proof of concept app that keyboardp has been working on , which allows the user to tell his/her windows phone what music they want the Zune Software on the PC to play .

Features include

  • Launch the song, with your voice, with any microphone (standard, webcam, Kinect etc..)
  • Control the media player with your voice (play/pause/next etc..)
  • Use your Windows Phone to launch the song. ( should be connected to your computer’s network – so I am assuming it wont work with 3G, both the PC and the phone should be on the same WiFi network)
  • You can also launch music video from YouTube ( opens browser and plays the video )

It is certainly a nice little hack and I cant wait to try it out , and I am sure most of you are feeling the same way.

When Can I try it
No idea ( yet ) he has not released it nor given any indication as to when/if it will be released. We have reached out to him to get those answers for you

On to is it Fake or not question
I honestly don’t know , keyboardp hasn’t given us any reason to belive this is fake and April is too far away to pull something like this , so we are giving him the benefit of the doubt :)

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