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Private Message Filter 0.2 – hide your sms on windows phone

SMSFilter is a new app from me which has been designed keeping in mind all the souls which linger around at XDA to find some way to keep their *Private* messages away from peeping eyes/hands


1. True Privacy… filtered messages wont come into inbox at all(even for a second).
2. Password protected app.
3. Fast
4. Simple
5. May work with HDs(not tested)

How to use:
1. After it has been installed, restart the device
2 Open the app, since it is its first run it will ask you for a password. Set it up
3. It will take you to the next screen and in there you can see two separate lists, one is for contacts and other one is for messages, in this list you need to add rules that you want the SMSFilter to test against an arriving message.
4. To add a respective rule click that list and keep it pressed to get the context menu, which gives you an option to Add and delete the rules.
5. Clicking add will give you a textbox at top where you enter the rule, click OK to add that.
6. To delete a rule, select and get the context menu and choose delete… Simple right??
7. Now what?? let a message come… BEWARE that there wont be ANY notification for a filtered rule. (As a option in v0.2) Trust your instincts and open the app.. provide password… goto View tab and there you can see the dropdown, choose the contact name and then all the messages from that contact will be displayed there in the other list choose the message and full message will be displayed in the last text box.

Version Specific Instructions v0.2
To enable/disable notification, enter password and go to Filters tab, click Menu->Notify-> Click Enabled
If the notification is enabled it will show as checked. Default is disabled(Unchecked)
To setup your custom message for notification Menu->Notify-> Change Message
Enter desired message in the displayed text box, default is “You got mail ” and click OK.

1. Please restart your device after install/unistall
2. Rules are CaSe SeNsItIvE

windows mobile software : Private Message Filter

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