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Possible Interop Unlock for Nokia Windows Phone Devices

Senior Member Heathcliff74 from xda-developers brings to us a new potential vulnerability that can possibly Interop-Unlock Nokia Windows Phone devices. Now this still hasn’t been tested and reported on the forums so don’t take our word on it. But if you are a curios Nokia Windows Phone user and want to try this yourself follow the steps below and let us know.

  1. Make sure you made a backup of your device (see opening post of this thread for instructions)
  2. Install Nokia Network Setup from the Marketplace (Nokia zone)
  3. Download the attachment: Nokia Interop Unlock by Heathcliff74.xap  (We can’t post the attachment here so head over to the source link to download it)
  4. Deploy that file to your Nokia device using any Xap Deployer. It is not necessary to start the unlock app. If it starts automatically you can exit the app immediately.
  5. Launch the Nokia Network Setup app. After a couple of seconds it should show “Interop Unlock by Heathcliff74”.
  6. Exit the Network Setup app.
  7. Uninstall “Nokia Interop Unlock” app and “Nokia Network Setup” app. If you want you can reinstall the Network Setup app again later on.

To test it, you may want to try to deploy Advanced Config 1.5. Let us know in the comments if it worked for you.

via xda-developers.

Edit Saijo George
If you are wondering what InteropUnlocked is Interop Services capability is locked by default on Windows Phone for 3rd party devs , only OEMs and Microsoft apps have access to those. So once Interop Services are unlocked homebrew app can get access to drivers and other restricted area on your phone. Interop Unlock is currently available for Samsung / LG devices and he is close to releasing one for HTC devices too ( info ), follow him on twitter for direct updates.

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