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PocketGBA v060723 – Nintendo Game Boy Advance Emulator for Windows Mobile

PocketGBA is an emulator software that emulates Nintendo‘s hand-held game machine, GameBoy Advance on your PocketPC devices.

Some cartridges work with following options : (Try changing these options,if your cart: dosen’t work)

* Sound On/Off
* Cartridge masking On/Off
* Patch cart. On/Off

Installation :
Unzip ‘PocketGBA’ and copy unzipped files to any folder in your PocketPC device.

Loads a cartridge file, *.gba. It can load a max. 32MB cartridge file according to memory state. Check ‘Available memory for Cart’ that PocketGBA allocated for cartridge file. If this notes 32MB, you can load 32MB cartridge file.

Run / Resume
Runs a loaded cartridge file. If you pause a game, this icon is changed with ‘Resume’ icon to resume paused game.

Sets hardware button mapping. Tap an item to define and press PocketPC’s hardware button. X will set a mapping value to zero (clear value).


Sets video configurations.

  • Auto frameskip ON/OFF : sets auto frameskip
  • Frame skip : sets a frame-rate.
  • Display mode
    • Horizontal : draws a horizontal game screen.
    • Vertival : draws a vertival game screen.
    • Full Screen: draws a game screen at entire LCD.
  • Display information ON/OFF : shows frame, and emulating speed and sound frequency.

‘Full Screen drawing’ and ‘Show FPS’ will cause emulating-speed to be slower.


Some games don’t work if sound is on. If your game doesn’t work with PocketGBA, try again without sound.

  • Mixer Rate : sets mixer rate / 11025~44100Hz
  • Mixer Buffer : sets size of mixer-buffer / 50~200byte
  • Mixer Quality : sets mixer’s quality
    • Low : non-interpolating / low quality mixer
    • Medium : interpolating mixer
    • High : maximum quailty mixer
  • Wave Buffer : sets size of wave-buffer / 512~4096bytes
  • Loop model : sets loop model of wave / Bidirection or Normal


  • Reset Game : resets current game
  • Patch Cart. : ignores hacked codes for some cartridegs
  • Edit Game Screen : edits virtual-pad and game screen

Save / Load
Saves(or loads) state file. There are 9 slots for state file.

Saves configurations and Exits the PocketGBA.

Source :

PocketGBA v060723

Use Google to get the ROMS

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