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Phone7Market : download those US only apps from any region

Phone7Market is a homebrew tool that allows users to install Free apps / games which is only available from a specific region on the Windows Phone Marketplace to their device.

The app will only display free apps and will NOT display trials / paid / OEM branded apps. So say you want to install which currently is not available from the AU marketplace, this app will let you do that. Of course you will need an unlocked windows phone for this to work.

NOTE : the app is still in Alpha, but I had no major issue with it when I played around with it


  1. Windows Phone 7 device (unlocked) or emulator
  2. Windows PC with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  3. It should require the Windows Phone SDK because the dependency of Microsoft.Smartdevice.Connectivity.dll assembly ( if you have the developer tools install you should be ok, I was )
  4. The device should’ve connect to you PC via the USB cable and make sure zune is running
  5. Make sure the lock screen is not active on the phone

Phone7Market Download

Developers Site :

Download link ( exe )

Download and install the exe file on your PC. Once installed see the video to see how to use the app ( it’s quite simple )

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

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