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Outlook Notes Mobile – sync Notes directly with Exchange

Outlook Notes Mobile

If you’re an avid Windows Mobile user, you are familiar with the Notes application: you can create a short text or image note and have it sync to your desktop. Then the desktop will sync it to Exchange.

1. Only Pocket PCs come with the notes applications: Smartphones do not.
2. You must use your desktop ActiveSync connection to sync with Exchange; it does not sync directly.

To combat these issue Koushik Dutta has coded a nifty little tool that allows you to view, edit, and create notes on your Windows Mobile device, and sync directly with Exchange.

1. Start Outlook Notes Mobile.
2. Go to settings.
3. Enter the same login information you provided ActiveSync. (The server will be in the format of “mydomain.com” or “mail.mydomain.com”, ask your SysAdmin).
4. Synchronize. (There is no automatic synchronization).

If you have problems getting this application to work, it may be due to your Exchange server setup. The Microsoft “recommended” Exchange deployment does not expose the Exchange Web Service (it redirects all requests to the OWA client).

If you find this tool useful, please donate to the developer.

Source : koushikdutta.com


Outlook Notes Mobile

check developers site for updated versions


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