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Notification center concept for Windows Phone

Notification center is one place for all new events and updates, like call, mails, messages, social networks updates such as Facebook and Twitter and others. Also all calendar reminders appears in the Notification center – alarms, dates, notes, tasks, etc. Any new event appear directly in the Notification center, so you can instantly jump to what’s important. Also you have quick access to weather updates and Zune. Choose which notifications you want to see – just tap the event to expand, or hold to ignore.

Notification center

Notification center

To go to the Notification center, just drag down from any app. That is works even in the lock screen. The Notification center, have pinned apps like weather, Zune or the radio. In the notification tab appear missed phone and skype call, mails and messages, new Facebook and Twitter updates. In the reminders tab appear all from your calendar as meetings, tasks, alarms and others. New toast notifications appear briefly at the top of your screen. Quick toast notifications are used to promote awareness of a new event to the user and request action from the user in an unobtrusive and friendly manner. Users may interact with the toast notifications by tapping on it. The toast will then launch the Notification center, or directly the notifying application.

I’ll expect your comments and feedback for this concept, and I hope you like it.

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