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Nokia Prototype With a Large Screen and Curved Glass of Lumia 800?

Nokia Prototype running WP8 or WP7.8

Nokia Prototype running WP8 or WP7.8

As fantastic a design as the Lumia 900 is, it would be an understatement to say I was disappointed that it didn’t feature the curved glass of the 800. When holding it in your hands it was amazing how much more ‘pop’ it gave the screen, like it was coming out at you (which I guess it does).

The above photo has been doing the rounds, leaked from China, and shows a Nokia prototype phone running either WP8 or W7.8. What piques my interest is that it’s clearly larger than an 800, with a screen that could match the 900’s 4.3″; and that reflection of a light in the top right hand corner looks suspiciously curved.

Could Nokia be designing a 4.3″ Lumia featuring curved glass edges? Please let it be so.



UPDATE: This appears to have been confirmed by actually prior to the leaked photos –

From the above link, the specs look pretty good:


  • It has the same curved screen but bigger screen size (cannot confirm if it will be bigger than the Lumia 900′s 4.3inch or the same) hence it will be thicker and far heavier than the Lumia 800.
  • It has the same form factor, that is, polycarbonate unibody with irreplaceable battery (just like the Lumia800)
  • No physical buttons on the front
  • 4 physical buttons on the right side: up/down vol keys, power button and camera
  • It will run on a Qualcomm Dual Core CPU (First Nokia Dual Core WP8 phone)
  • It will have external SD card slot
  • NFC chip on board.
  • LTE enabled


 Supposedly to be announced at Nokia World on 25 September. The only spec I can see that’s missing is the camera… probably too much to hope for a pureview, and probably wouldn’t fit in the polycarbonate shell.

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