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NoDo and Mango : Latest Windows Phone 7 Updates

Copy Paste WP7

Copy Paste WP7

Microsoft developed an operating system that is a successor of Windows Mobile platform, the Windows Phone 7. This new operating system is mainly aimed at the consumer market rather than the enterprise market. With the development of this operating system, Microsoft has given its users a new user interface with Metro, its design language. Windows Phone 7 was unveiled on February 15th 2010 in Barcelona.

According to Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 has been developed to be more user friendly by redesigning and rebuilding the operating system overall. Yet, Microsoft has no plans to bring Windows 7 tablet computer but would come up with Windows 7 for tablets. Windows Phone 7 comes with better User Interface that displays lot of information on the screen.

Recently Microsoft has announced about the release of the Windows Phone 7 updates that are expected to be released this month and later this year. A brief explanation has been given below regarding the Windows Phone 7 updates.

NoDo Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is to soon come up with a new update ‘NoDo’ which is a short form for ‘No Donuts’. (Taunting Android’s “Donut” update?) This update is to come with a solution for the Copy/Paste and other options that were not featured in the earlier release of Windows Phone 7. The new update is also said to come with the fixes for miscellaneous bugs. The release of ‘NoDo’ is expected soon this month.

Copy and Paste feature added
The most wanted feature in any operating system is the Copy and Paste function. But this option was not included when Windows Phone 7 was released late last year. To compensate the shortage, this feature has now been included in the latest update- ‘NoDo’ or ‘No Donuts’. With the inclusion of this feature, users can easily copy text from text messages, web pages, emails and Office mobile documents and paste it anywhere they would want to as we do normally in any MS-Office application or other software.

It is very easy to perform this operation on a mobile phone as well. Just highlight the word or additional words you want to copy, and then press on the Copy icon and then tap on the position where you want to paste the selected word(s) and then again tap on the Paste icon to paste the copied word(s).

This option comes handy when users would send turn-by-turn directions from Maps, important link from the browser or the latest Facebook update. You can paste as many times as you want when you have copied something once, just as we normally do with the Office documents.

Other features included
Apps and games in Windows Phone 7 will be made faster and this would not require the users to waste their time by waiting for an application to open. Thus you would love to work on this phone in an easier and faster way.

Market place search is also streamlined so that the user can search for specific game, app or music easily. Press the search button in the Apps or Games section and find the results based on apps or games only. Similarly, press the search button in the music section and find the results appearing related to music only.

Users can also be alert whenever an update has been made on the Windows Phone 7. Thinking about how you would get it? Well, users will get a pop-up message regarding the update.

Mango WP7

The next update that is expected is the release of ‘Mango’. Although the release is not expected soon after the release of the ‘NoDo’ update, one can expect more from it. This update will support Qualcomm 7 x 30 smartphone chipset, software fixes and a CDMA location stack. It is rumoured that ‘Mango’ will be come with Internet Explorer 9 along with HTML 5 with the support for Silverlight and gesture. One can expect even more from it as the internal code line of ‘Mango’ is “entertainment branch”. The release of ‘Mango’ is expected to be later this year.

One would expect a lot from any operating system that is released with updates or new softwares. The release of new updates for Windows Phone 7 also gives a lot of expectation in the minds of the existing Windows Phone 7 users. Let’s hope for the best and wait for its release.


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