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MusicID – identify that song on the radio using your phone

MusicID – identify that song on the radio using your phone , does what it says. When you listen to a song on the radio and you have no clue who the artist is or the title of the song this tools comes to your aid. Just flip out your phone after running MusicID and select ID song, now hold it near the radio and voila it shows you the name of the artist and the title.

This application does not recognize the input on touchscreen devices , so just use the dpad and softkeys for navigation.
Works on Raphael too but has got screen allignment issue . Its a little small and stuck in the corner but it works.

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cab file Music ID

UPDATE : Check a similar FREE App for Windows Mobile Midomi


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  1. I don’t know how closely you looked at this software, but for my Tilt, it’s shareware and requires a $3.99/month subscription. That said, if you’re someone like me who has Sirius Satellite Radio in their car with a face that does not show you the song playing, this software is indispensible.

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  2. I didnt try the app myself , saw it @ xda-dev and noone there said anything about this being a shareware. Eric if u dont mind me asking could you point me to the source of your purchase , or was it pre installed in your device ?

    Since you said its not a freeware, I tried google and there were some products from cingular and AT&T but couldnt find the actual dev for the application.

    thanks Mate

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  3. this is a totally awesome program the program i have isn’t shareware or anything like that and you don’t have to pay for anything as far as i know.

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  4. The developer is Shazam @ This is protected/copyrighted code, and available exclusively with AT&T. A 3-day trial is available on supported handsets, and a $3.99/month subscription is available at the conclusion of the trial.

    I’m sure AT&T and Shazam would appreciate the software removed.

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  5. I had contacted them and they said this app is not a freeware , so I have removed the application.

    thanks for the tip Don

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  6. Especially if you really loved the song and just can't remember the title, most cases are like this.. This program would be great for them.. I also found some cool softwares and tools including MUSIC ID and other great ringtones for iPhones, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Windows mobile.. You might also like to have these stuffs ..

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