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Microsoft Research Releases Xim on Windows Phone to Let Users Easily Share Photos

Microsoft Research has been doing quite a bit on the app release side lately, and its latest app, Xim is available on Windows Phone now (as well as iOS and Android).

The app lets you “share your photos, not your phone” and even lets users who don’t have the app partake. Your friends and family will be able to see your shared images on their own device instead of having to view it on yours or have it sent to them directly.

Features include:

  • Xims swipe and zoom together, so everyone stays in sync automatically – it’s fun too
  • Only one person needs to have Xim installed in order for everyone to participate
  • Invite people from your phone’s contact list, via email or via phone number
  • Choose photos from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or OneDrive; mix and match easily from any of these sources
  • When your friend gets the Xim app the fun really starts – they can add photos or people to the Xim and easily extend the conversation
  • Xims only stick around for a little while so you can enjoy the moment with no storage or organization overhead
  • Long press on a photo you like for additional options such as save photo (While Xims expire after a little while, Ximmers can choose to save ximmed photos or take a screenshot at any time)

In addition to the aforementioned platforms, Xim also works in most web browsers. The app will initially only be available in the US, but Microsoft says they “plan to add additional country support shortly. The company also notes that certain browsers or PC and tablet devices may be limited on functionality, but they’re “working on it.”

Download Xim for Windows Phone using the QR code above. What do you think of Microsoft Research’s new app?

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Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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