MoDaCo NoData - turn mobile internet ( HSPDA / GPRS / 3g / Edge) off | Pocket And PC
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MoDaCo NoData – turn mobile internet ( HSPDA / GPRS / 3g / Edge) off

Do you have access to free WiFi at work and home and are you one of those bloke who dont use mobile internet coz of this reason. Then you should hate it when some application switch from WiFi to 3G and rack up your mobile bill. MoDaCo NoData will be a lifesaver for you all. It lists your GPRS connections, and allows you to disable them so that they won’t be used. Disable your connections and re-enable them whenever you want.

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From the developers Website ( may be they have a new version )
cab file NoData

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    • It was one of the 1st app I used to install after a reinstall. But with virtually unlimited data I get on my network I don’t use it all that much. I doubt if it will come to WP7 Marketplace but when WP7 is ( for lack of a better word ) jailbroken I guess something like this will will be available.

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