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MKV Media File Support Added to Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9860

Some of the most quiet additions can have pretty big impacts. While MKV file support, which was previously added to Microsoft‘s Xbox One console, is not the biggest splash we’ve ever seen in the Windows 10 pond, the fact that it’s been added to the company’s Technical Preview software is well worth a mention.

Our friends at Neowin first spotted the support, which obviously isn’t in its final stages yet, but then neither is Windows 10. If you try to open a MKV type file with Windows Media Player, you’ll get a warning about the player not supporting the file type. Interestingly, it will still play the file without issue.

It’s great to see that at least the support is there, even if it is an early implementation of it. Windows 10 is looking like a major milestone for Microsoft, and while it’s too early to say whether the new operating system will make both Windows 7 and Windows 8 users happy, it looks like it’s building toward more success than Windows 8.

What Windows 10 feature are you looking forward to or most happy with so far?

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

Josh Robert Nay is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TruTower and the Editor in Chief of Pocket And PC. He has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003 and specializes in GSM based technology. He also uses (too many) VoIP apps and is a long-time user of BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone. He adores anything having to do with space exploration and writing and is also an aspiring violinist.

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