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Microsoft starts to take Windows Mobile seriously

WindowsMobile Ads on iphone

WindowsMobile Ads on iphone

While you see bucket loads of ads about iphone from apple these days, Microsoft was looking rather uninterested in promoting its mobile division ie. Windows Mobile. But all that might be about to change.

I was on twitter today and came across a tweet from habasch and he was pointing out that he could now see ” Windows Mobile MarketPlace Ads ” in his iPhone apps. He also managed to grab a screenshot of the same. Its great to see Microsoft finally showing some interest in Windows Mobile. With more ads and competitions like “Race to Market Challenge” Microsoft will be giving all the other major Mobile OS a run for their money.

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  1. Good it's about damn time. and lol at them being on Apple's blah crap and iphones as well. Thats just freakin great lol =)

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  2. 'Microsoft will be giving all the other major Mobile OS a run for their money'


    damn.. you really have to be blindsighted to still think this will actually be the case sometime in the near future.. let's just say that HTC has changed all their future planned windows mobile phones to android versions.. now why would that be?

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    • Windows PC – still alive and kicking
      Xbox – still leading When compared to PS3 ( dont bother ranting about Wii, its not worth my time )
      When MS gets behind something, its almost impossible to fail..

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  3. microsoft is year behind development in all its technologies: OS mobileOS Zune. and is ineffectively playing catchup to Apple. They will never be able to catch up, as Apple is already working on the future.
    Ha Ha ms. goodbloodybye…..

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  4. Well, our world is changing rapidly… Especially in the sphere of technologies. I think that Microsoft can create everything! It is one of the most powerful companies in all over the world. I have to admit that I am so waiting when I could try Windows Mobile. I hope that my small company one day would be such powerful like Microsoft but I know that it is only a dream… Thank you for the interesting article.


    Larry Hucketon from mobile application development

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