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Lucktastic: From Fantastic to Scamtastic

Lucktastic’s premise is simple. Offer scratch cards where winning will net you varying amounts of cash or tokens, which you can redeem for prizes. Additionally, you can download various games and earn bonus tokens. Each scratch card you do results in a video ad, and after you’ve scratched the card you get a still image ad to x out of(or view if you find it interesting. You also get bonuses for playing cards daily.

Ease of Use: 3/5

It’s actually pretty easy to use, but I’m taking a couple points off for two reasons—ad before you get your scratch card and an ad after. Scratching off the cards is simple and quick though—my then 3 year old daughter ‘helped’ me with them and can select new scratch cards on her own. In the last few months, they’ve also added a requirement that you must play at least two cards to earn your daily reward—those not paying attention may waste days thinking they’re earning rewards when they’re passing them by. Also it’s daily reward is a double-edged sword. Miss a day and it resets, but after 5 days the rewards are basically pointless—entries into a contest that only one person supposedly wins.

Fairness/Cost: 3/5

Don’t expect to ever win money—I’d played this app on and off since I first got a smart phone about 4 years ago and have never won a $ scratch card. That of course is to be expected. There are some good cards to do every day though—the subway scratch card offers 25 tokens plus bonus tokens(5-10 typically), and the Man’s best friend one earns you 50 tokens plus the bonus. Both of these cards have a high probability of winning, I lose maybe twice a month. Other scratch cards just earn you between 4 and 10 tokens for the two ads you view.

Becoming a VIP user(downloading 10 of their partner apps) allows you to get additional passive rewards(and now is REQUIRED to redeem anything), like 100 tokens to start the week and random events where they claim the first 1000 people to click get a random reward—between 50-200 tokens. That is in addition to earning 150 tokens for playing scratch cards 2 days in a row, 250 more for 3 days in a row, 350 more for 4 days, and 500 for 5 days in a row.

Beyond that though you get a ‘mystery’ reward which is usually entries into the monthly contest which obviously only one person is going to win(assuming they do) meaning they’re giving you a meaningless reward. Thus it actually makes sense to run it 6 days in a row, and purposely miss a day to reset your daily rewards. There is actually no way to spend real money, so that’s a plus that they don’t lean on a few users to provide revenue.

Time Consumption: 4/5

As stated the daily rewards are substantial for the first 6 days, so simply running the subway and man’s best friend scratch cards and collecting the daily rewards will net you 1550 tokens per week. That’s a fairly limited time investment(5 minutes a day) with a fairly healthy reward, translating into about 80k tokens a year. Unfortunately the price of prizes recently nearly doubled. You used to be able to get a $15 gamestop giftcard for 50k tokens, now it’s over 97k for a $20 card. Still, it’s not terrible for something you can do waiting in line at the grocery store.

The reason for knocking off a point is that increasing your time spent on the app brings increasingly lower returns. Spending 5 minutes a day gets you 1550 tokens a week, but spending an hour a day you maybe can double that number—hardly worth the extra time investment. Still, if you’re going on a walk, it never hurts to get a few extra tokens along the way.

Rewards: 2/5

The recent price hike in rewards really stings. From getting one $15 gift card and being two thirds of the way to a second in a years time was great, but taking more than a year to earn a $20 card no so much. They had always delivered on their giftcards though it is a bit slower than other apps. The last one I was never able to redeem and I finally quit the app for good. The game kept claiming I needed to download more games—I tried downloading everytthing offered to me and it still didn’t help. The game either cuts you off after a certain amount of rewards or doesn’t deliver rewards to anyone now. Scamtastic indeed.

Overall: 12/20

Tokens are easier to get than ever before on Lucktastic, but it’s a smokescreen for the major price hike—it still takes much longer to get rewards. It’s a shame to see the company stoop to these kinds of tactics, making people think they’re being more generous when they’re doing just the opposite and then further hiding their rewards behind ‘bugs’ in their system.. Once a really amazing app, it’s now just above average. If you are the type of person who would buy scratchers, this is definitely a better alternative. Low risk(time spent) with a (possible) moderate reward. Personally, after writing this article, I’m leaning towards removing the app off my phone once I redeem my next giftcard(I gave up in the end).

If you want to try your luck with other apps, check out my articles on Very Dice and Dice Master (hint, Very Dice is amazing!)

Author: Varon Laub

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