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Lack of Good games on the Windows Mobile platform

iPhone Games

iPhone Games

I bought an iPhone recently, so I have been keeping up with the news over in iPhone land. The game developer seems to love the platform. Having seen some of the amazing games that are released for the iphone plus preview of some new games that are soon going to come out, I cant help but wonder why one of the powerful mobile OS is being ignored for game development.

Some of the games on the iPhone that i was referring to were : Ironfist Boxing, Metal Gear Solid Touch, Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, Silent Hill The Escape. That’s not all, we get games like Tap Tap Revenge, Space Deadbeef, etc for FREE.

There used to be an excuse with lack of Accelerometer, Large Screen and Accelerated Graphics but with the new device running windows Mobile this is not the case anymore. Windows Mobile seems be a dying breed in the Mobile Gaming Industry, hopefully with the release of WM6.5 and 7 in the near future & the introduction of the SkyMarket App store things might change.

Lets try and list some good games for Windows Mobile to keep us happy till then.
Orions: Legend of Wizards and Expansion Pack (
Palm Heroes
and a lot of Card and board games -_- ( try Pocket Uno its free )
( also check out list of winners in the PPC games section)


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  1. The reason is because the Microsoft family of mobile devices weren’t designed for it. It wasn’t very popular. People looked at my PDAs and WM phones and were dizzy because it seemed too complex. Palm OS made a bigger impact with games like Bejeweled and Trade Winds, because a lot of people were starting to get it. When Apple came along with iPhone and iPod Touch, it made things easier and more “fun”. High Profile… I too would like to see WM devices take off in the gaming arena. I chose to stay with WM because of the amount of cool software that was already available. RIM has it tough with the Storm, and I think Apple is helping WM with new programs, even if they’re more copycats. And l hope as you hope that WM 6.5 and 7 help WM devices get to where they should have been before the PSP came out…

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  2. Warning! Exploit attempt for Adobe Reader ‘util.printf()’ JavaScript Function Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability was triggered going to I closed the browser and typed the url directly and got the same attempt. I have notified them by email, so hopefully it gets cleaned up soon.

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  3. Thanks for the warning JoshB, I have removed the hyperlink from that site.

    @ David : I agree with most thing you mentioned, WM does have a wide array of applications to choose from. But when it comes to games or applications for that matter that are present on the iphone ( applications that you find useful in daily life ) say snap Tell , Around Me, etc
    These applications ( from my understanding ) uses the GPS to find your current location, then the info is processed on their server and results sent back to the Phone. So these can very well work on any device with a GPS chip. With the new HTC devices with A-GPS the GPS acccuracy and computation is faster than that on the iphone but we still have no such app for Windows Mobile .
    I personally think its the aggressive marketing used by apple and the buzz that the iphone has created is the reason for this and hopefully Microsoft takes this as a wakeup call and promote Windows Mobile a bit more aggressively

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