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Knights of the Old Republic: A Mobile Review

Knights of the Old Republic(KOTOR) is one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all-time. An RPG following a varied crew you choose how to save the galaxy. Will you become a heroic Jedi Knight or become a dreaded Sith Lord? Originally an Xbox game and subsequently a PC game, it has now also been translated into a Mobile game. The transition was seamless—if you’ve not played KOTOR or would like to revisit it on the go, this mobile version is sure to please.

Graphics: 4/5

While the graphics are dated for a PC or console, compared to most mobile games they are above par. They have flawlessly miniaturized the original game graphics-wise, which is impressive even by today’s standards. The graphics won’t wow you, but you won’t feel like you’ve traveled back in time while playing given most free-to-play games skate by on graphics that are more simplistic. It’s hefty 2.2 gig download size tells the story.

Gameplay: 4/5

The gameplay mechanic’s have transferred about as well as can be expected from a game originally made for PC played on a tablet or mobile phone. Moving around is as simple as moving your finger in the direction you want to go and holding it there will allow you to continue running forward. Using the menus is also a breeze and saving is a synch.

I only knock one point off because of a space battle early on—it’s clearly designed for a mouse and keyboard or dual sticks, and it’s difficulty is exponentially increased by trying to move while using the touch screen to do both—I nearly gave up on the game after dying many times before I finally got lucky and finished it. Since that point in the game there has been nothing similarly difficult.

The game does offer, full HID controller support for those gamers that prefer the original control scheme as well mitigating this issue.

Lasting Appeal: 4/5

This is a full length game that takes about 30 hours to complete. As a predecessor to such decision-effecting games as the Witcher, Dragon age, Mass Effect and other more modern RPGs the variety of choices to make throughout the game invite at least two play throughs, one choosing the darkside and one choosing the light. The fact the game remains one of the best star wars games and RPGs ever is a testament to its lasting appeal.

Overall value: 5/5

At $10 for the full game with no micro-transactions or other purchases a game of this length and caliber is extremely worthwhile. Especially if you missed out on Knights of the Old Republic when it first came out, this mobile version is well worth the price. Also other than cloud saves you don’t have to connect online to play. Amid a sea of average free-to-play (but expensive or time consuming to be competitive in) mobile games KOTOR is a worthy call back to the golden age of RPGs—with the benefit of mobile technology.

You can find the app here.

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Author: Varon Laub

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