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King Puts Candy Crush Saga and Other Games on “Stand By”

King, the developer of Candy Crush Saga among others, has put the development of their games for Windows Phone on “stand by”.

This report comes courtesy of, who cited a flat-lining of Windows Phone market share as a reason for the cease in development.

It’s worth noting that the games have only been frozen and haven’t been completely scrapped, so it’s very possible that development can and will continue in the future once Windows Phone starts to experience some major growth.

King is not the only developer that is skeptical of supporting Windows Phone. Messaging company Tango has also said WP development is “not a high priority” in a recent conversation with me. I also interviewed Tango last year on the possibility, but their answer has remained the same.

Still, many developers have experienced an interest in Windows Phone development, as can be seen by the massive growth of available apps in the Windows Phone Store lately, so while we might be waiting awhile for Candy Crush Saga and a Windows Phone 8 version of Tango’s messaging app to grace the world of Live Tiles, we at least have plenty of alternatives to enjoy in the meantime.

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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