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Ibotta: A Cash Back Rewards App For All

Ibotta has a genius premise at it’s core—work with a variety of major and some smaller retailers to offer cash back for items purchased. Forget coupon clipping(though really thrifty shoppers can combine coupon offers with Ibotta’s rebates for extra discounts) The question is, how well does it work, especially now that the corona virus, Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on traditional in-store purchases? I’m happy to report, with its wide variety of everyday items, online options and now partnerships with restaurants offering curbside service, quite well!

Ease of use 4/5

Compared to other cash back apps and programs I’ve tried, Ibotta is by far the easiest to navigate. Recommended (nearby) retailers(Walmart, grocery stores in your area, local gas stations) along with online retailers are listed at the top for easy access. Once you’ve selected one, you can scroll through the list of available items with various cash back amounts.

These items are sorted into various convenient categories, things like ‘For you’ ‘buy it again’ ‘what’s hot” as well as ‘pantry’ ‘produce’ and ‘snacks’. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but luckily if you’re not sure it’s all one big scroll list—keep those savings scrolling! Looking through items can be fun and you may find something unexpected. Also, whatever you find, if it’s available in other retailers, the rebate is saved for all retailers.

With a search menu and an option to scan barcodes to confirm an item on the shelf matches a rebate(or to see if it does), finding rebates is quite simple. I knock off one point only because since there is so much, you can get lost. Also if you are doing the scroll list, some items in multiple categories come up again and again. Given they are offering free cash back it’s hard to complain too much though.

Fairness/cost 5/5

Absolutely free! The rebate process is completely fair, I’ve never had any trouble redeeming a rebate earned. Even better than being free, in addition to say 10 cents back on any brand toilet paper, r $1 back on Johnsonville breakfast sausages, there are regularly bonuses like the current one ‘Back to Basics” if you redeem 15 offers before 4/8/20 they give you an extra $10. Understandably any items don’t count toward that total, but still, with a variety of items you might get anyway(and some ‘free after offer’ rebates, where yes, you get a rebate for the entire cost of the product) the redemptions can quickly add up. Wowza!

Time consumption 4/5

As stated, there’s a lot to look at, so it can be time-consuming, but the setup helps you navigate it really well. For any brand items you do have to watch a short clip to redeem it, but you can turn off the sound and it’s only on any brand items—an added benefit of the any brand items is they usually accompany a more direct rebate. For example the aforementioned toilet paper rebate is because angel soft is offering a $1.75 rebate on it’s brand—which the app points out for you!

Redeeming your rewards is simple. Once you’ve selected the rebates you want, you hit redeem, and take a picture of your receipt, select the rebates on that receipt and submit! Typically you don’t even need to scan the barcode of the item(you used to have to do this but unlike most apps of this kind Ibotta has gotten more user friendly over time). With Walmart, you only need to scan the barcode at the bottom of the receipt. A nice replacement to the discontinued savings catcher program walmart used to have.

Rewards 5/5

It says you get cash—technically this is true. You get paid via paypal. You do have to wait til you have at least $20 to redeem your cash back, but unlike many bait and switch apps, it is very easy to get to $20 and Ibotta has never failed to deliver the cash back timely. My lifetime earnings are over $160 and only $10 of that hasn’t yet been redeemed—-all from items for the most part I would have bought anyway, and nothing that I’ve ever regretted buying. Not too shabby.

Overall 18/20

As far as rewards apps that ask for pictures of receipts, this is as good as it gets. Generous cash back offers on every kind of product you can think of, with bonuses for multiple redemptions and teamwork bonuses with your facebook friends who also use the app. Oh, and did I mention they offer generous bonuses for inviting friends to Ibotta? If you’re at all interested, give it a whirl, and tell them I sent you with my referral code: dlojtwx. Then you too can say “Ibotta…” whatever it is you want to buy!

Download it on the:

google play store

IOS app store

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Author: Varon Laub

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