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HTC Touch Cruise gets Android preRelease build working

HTC Touch Cruise gets Android

You guys might have read the post on android working on HTC devices. Now be_vigilant from xda-dev has putup a cab file for easy installation of Android on the HTC Touch Cruise. Remember that this is just a preRelease buid , so as times goes by and when android gets released we might be able to get a fully working version of android on our devices :)

Features reported to be working are: ( not tested by me personally )
1) Radio was detected and carrier signal acquired.
2) Adding a contact.
3) Calling the contact. ( The call was working through the loud speaker. )
4) Incoming call works. It displayed on screen “incoming call”. ( no ringtone though )

Bugs Found:
1) Android might disabled the touch screen after a call so you couldnt press on “hang up” on the screen to disconnect the call. You have to scroll through to hang up using the dial pad.
2 ) No ringtone was played on incoming call.
3 ) Calls were routed throughthe loud speaker on polaris ( HTC Touch Cruise )
4) SMS seems to crash the application.
5) hardware keys doesnt respond

Install Instructions :
1) Install to device memory not SD card
2) Once the .cab is installed you can easily update andoid by just dumping the latest image into program filesandroid directory.


Touch Cruise Android

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  1. Thank you very much for this great site – keep it up! Klaus, Germany

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  2. Android is working on the HTC Vogue now too (HTC Touch, HTC Elf, VM6900, whatever name you want to call it).

    A site has been started to track its development and includes an easy cab installer, windows installer and notes.

    Phone works, browser works, SMS works, theres an on screen keyboard and calls work (with end button working).

    Check it out at

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  3. I’m so exited for WM, so I’m looking for an alternate OS for my Polaris. Going to test out Android now. Big fan and user of linux also, so looking forward to see what it can bring to the mobile world.

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  4. is there an update for this?

    i really want my touch to run android as the windows mobile os is not very useful, i hope there will be a full hack.


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  5. Not working on my HTC Cruise (Polaris)…

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  6. does android permenately stay on the phone or when you turn it off does it go back to windows mobile or something like that?

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  7. Post any screenshot of this android working on Polaris please!!!

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