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How to transfer and install CAB files on to your HTC Windows Mobile device

This tutorial will show you guys how to install a CAB onto your windows mobile device. We are going to use a HTC Diamond which is a VGA device from HTC ( I am currently using a WM6.5.5 ROM by NRGZ28 also known as the Chef behind the EnergyROM series ). So some of the screens might look different on your non HTC devices / WM 6.x / WM 5 devices and Windows Mobile Device Center a.k.a WMDC

Most of the time you get a CAB file to install and there are many ways to install this. If you download the cab on your mobile device skip to step8, If you get the CAB on your PC this tutorial will show you how to get the cab on your PC and then you can install it. At times you get an EXE you have to install on your PC ( after syncing your PC and Mobile device ) and the app is installed on your mobile device.

For this example we take a look at Elecont Weather, I got the CAB from their website.

1) If you are using XP download and Install ActiveSync , if you are using Vista / Windows 7 get WMDC

2) Run WMDC / ActiveSync on your PC

3) Use the cable you got along with your device to hookup the Mobile device to your PC

4) Depending on the make and model of your mobile device you might get a screen asking you if you want to connect using ActiveSync or DiskDrive Mode ( DiskDrive mode allows you to use the Mobile device as a USB storage device ), we are going to look at the ActiveSync Option.

5) Now WMDC / ActiveSync on your PC should have identified your mobile device and will give you the option to setup your device ( If you want to sync data between your mobile device and PC you can choose this ) or connect without setting up your device ( we are going to use this method ).

6) Go in to File Management >> Browse the contents of your device and copy the cab file in there, I have chosen to paste the copied file in to the My Documents folder. ( you can add it to the storage card too )

7) Now you can close WMDC and disconnect the Mobile device from the PC.

8) Open up a file explorer on your Mobile Device and browse to the location that you have copied the CAB file. Click on the cab and the installation will begin. You can choose to install the app to the device memory / storage card ( in most cases ). That is it you have installed the app on your mobile device. You can now delete the .CAB file from your mobile device ( to free up some space ).

I have tried to make this as simple as possible, but since I have been using one of these for a while now I might have overlooked something, don’t hesitate to post your questions via the comments here. I will be glad to answer them ( if I know the answer ;) )

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